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    Floor standing trade show displays or two table top displays all in one!

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    Floor standing folding displays or two TableTop Displays ALL IN ONE! Any size in 100 colors.
    Any size, two. three, four or more Display Boards, 360 degree folding metal hinges.
    360-dgree hinged portable panels to present large graphics and literature, up to 11 feet tall.
    Separate Display Boards to use on easels or to hold in hand.
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        Bulletin Boards In Cabinets Bulletin Boards On Legs Dry Erase Boards
    Tacks or Velcro® Fasteners to attach literature. Any Size in over 100 Color!
    Display Boards inside Cabinets for Indoors or Outdoors!
    Game boards, custom built to order with Velcro® fabric
    Any size in 100 colors on wheels. Use tacks or Velcro® Fasteners
    Dry Erase Marker Board Displays.
    Trade Show Displays - Table Top Displays with 360 Degree Folding Metal Hinges That Never Wear Out.
    North Sculpture Displays provides Trade Show Displays & Portable Exhibit Booths. Largest choice of Sizes & Colors. Easy setup, Factory direct from Brooklyn, NY. Ships out when you need them. Rush services available. For more trade show booths or folding displays see our page of previously built presentation boards, trade show displays, table top displays, partition display boards or request swatches. (800)791-1819, (718)383-1909,
    email NorthSculpture@gmail.com for quotes, design consultations, pricing with unique sizes, free samples of VELCRO® Fabric in over a hundred different colors and in-house art dept. for graphics. We receive nothing but accolades about our folding displays from our satisfied clients. Let our experienced staff make your next meeting, convention or trade show presentation a rewarding and fruitful experience. We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercards. Also see Links and Articles
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    Trade Show Display Exhibit Booths | Custom Portable DISPLAY Boards

    The perfect entry level exhibit booths are our trade show display boards because of their fantastic modular versatility to be three folding displays in one. You could be called at a moment's notice to give a floor standing presentation at a convention or need smaller presentation boards to be presented on a conference room table. This is when table top display boards would be the perfect solution. Since North Sculpture Displays offers our three in one trade show displays, panel displays that will accomplish both, you can be more efficient with your budget when your money is tight by investing it into our all in one, folding displays! With North Sculpture Displays versatile modular trade show booths and also offering printed and laminated detachable graphics, there is no reason to buy from custom display boards houses that charge a high premium of money for your trade show displays. Their trade show displays are mostly difficult to set up and expensive to ship and store. We build your panel displays to order and are able to sell you unique folding displays that will operate and look better then custom exhibit booths that are priced at a very high premium. Our display boards with Velcro® Fabric will cut down immensely on transportation costs and cost far less. A huge assortment of sizes and colors of panel displays can be purchase at North Sculpture Displays, on line super store, more than any other display outfit in North America today. We manufacture your folding displays to your exact needs and can make your trade show displays fit perfect to your application and deliver them to you exactly when you need them. We have a giant selection of presentation boards and trade show booths in a variety of sizes that will fit your needs. Your panel displays provide the utmost in extreme portability and conveniently set up in minutes. Trade show booths easily go from carrying case to dynamic exhibit booths in minutes. And your trade show display boards are really three folding displays in one! Floor standing exhibit booths or two table top display boards all in one. North Sculpture, trade show displays are not only modern and attractive, but are easy to set up, functional and lightweight. North Sculpture display boards with Velcro® Fabric are in virtually all aspects of the trade show displays and presentation boards circuit. The communication boards that we build are lightweight and affordable, perfect options for your modern efficient sales team. If you are presenting your info about your company or products to a customer, showcasing your products to the public or pitching an idea, our communication boards in conjunction with vibrant graphics will be the ideal sales tool. Examine our assortment of Velcro display boards to select the ideal option for your next event. Presentation boards pack in seconds when folding the display panels down into a compact unit like an accordion and packing them into a lightweight carrying case. There are three ways for transporting your trade show booths. Durable and light weight portfolio cases, which are a medium hardness cases, canvas carrying cases with shoulder strap which a durable yet soft case or shipping, carrying cases with wheels, the hardest and extremely durable of all three to protect your display boards. And shipping carrying cases will allow you to carry or wheel more than one of your folding displays if their size will allow. Just close up your folding displays inside the case and giver to the UPS driver. Even your trade show display boards which can also be single boards with Velcro® Fabric will be safe. Especially if your presentation requires you to hold separate display boards with Velcro® Fabric in your hands or place on an easel during a smaller meeting. Since your display panels have the equivalent light weight durability of trade show booths they are easier to move around for your more intimate events. All of our folding displays are ideal Velcro display boards that are able to ship via FedEx or UPS. Trade show displays are modular and modern and utilize 360 degree folding metal hinges that will never wear out and are mechanically precise. And you can buy presentation boards in any of 100 Velcro® loop fabric colors, affording that all presentation boards will emphasize your graphics every presentation. North Sculpture Company has one of the best printers in the display industry to print, laminate and back with Velcroins®, all your art work that will easily stick on andoff your display panels. Our in house art dept. will also design graphics if you don't have them ready to print. Our skilled graphic artists can go from concept to finished design for your trade show display boards. And your graphics will be the correct size to fit all your presentation boards of your trade show displays! The most important ingredient of your presentation is the graphics velcroed on to your communication boards. Your message must be clear and concise to your audience. Everyone should notice your graphics first and your trade show display boards second. And because you can simply go from large to small trade show displays with the same trade show booths you can also reuse different parts of your display graphicsfor as many shows as is required. Since your Velcro boards are connected with 360 degree folding metal hinges allowing you to turn as many display boards to the back or front of your exhibit booths, you can also regulate the size of your presentation by how many display boards are facing outward. This a perfect method to reduce how large or how small your panel displays become. And because the 360 degree folding metal hinges on your trade show display boards will never wear out, unlike wobbly Velcro® fabric hinges that most all companies use for their folding displays, your display panels will last far longer than the competition. North Sculpture Displays manufactures trade show displays for every design and size you need for your presentation. We have a infinite selection of all types of communication boards, since we also build to order, all types of display boards you need, we will have ready to fit your every application. The options we offer with your display boards include full color detachable, vibrant graphic printing backed with Velcro® hook fabricso they can be velcroed on to the solid color, Velcro® Fastener, receptive fabric of your display boards with Velcoins® . You can also order for your panel displays a set of lights built specifically for your Velcro® compatible boards. And all presentation boards are able to be ordered header display panels, Velcoins®, lights, table skirts and detachable graphics. Panel Displays pictured on our website super store are manufactured to highest standards here in our Brooklyn, NY factory. You can feel extremely proud that you are ordering quality craft, exhibit booths, constructed by American crafts people. We have been manufacturing Velcro Boards for over a quarter century. The designs have evolved to make our boards with Velcro® Fabric the best folding displays available in the world today.

    Trade Show Table Top Displays and Table Top Display Boards

    Table top display boards are virtually in every aspect of the trade show displays circuit because table top exhibits are lightweight and affordable making them an ideal solution for all encompassing presentations, the perfect option for your on the go, sales team. Trade show table top displays are perfect if you are showing your research to a board of directors, showcasing your product to the public or pitching an idea to your customers. Use tabletop displays in conjunction with table skirts with an imprint of your company logo and vibrant detachable graphics, adhere to your display boards surface with Velcoins®, affording an excellent sales aid that will perform well every time. Check through our large assortment of tabletop displays to select the ideal option for your next presentation event, whether it is a trade show or small meeting. Selecting the right trade show display boards will make you endeavor easy because our table top displays pack up in minutes by folding the display panels up into a compact flat unit very much like an accordion. They quickly pack into lightweight carrying, transportation cases. North Sculpture, table top displays transform from carrying cases to dynamic tradeshow table top displays in seconds! We at North Sculpture Displays pride ourselves in having the perfect trade show table top displays for just about every design and size. We have a huge collection of table top display boards that will work for every possible application. One of the options includes full color, crisp, detachable graphics that are velcroed on to a solid surface color Velcro® Fastener receptive fabric that is industrially bonded on to the substrate, wrapped over the edges and adhered to the back. Order your trade show display boards with colorful Velcro® loop fabric on the front of your display boards or on both sides. Halogen arm lights can also be a necessary accessory to order for your tabletop trade show displays if you are going to show your tabletop exhibits in a poorly lit area or if you will be giving a slide show presentation at the same time. We also sell Velcoins® that peal off a reel and adhere on the back of your graphics if they have been already printed. Store the reel in your closet for when ever you are about to use for your trade show display boards. Then they will be ready for your next meeting utilizing your table top display boards. Velcro® loop fabric on your tabletop exhibits is universal so any hook and loop system will adhere, always working the first time and every time, extremely well with it's inherent hook loop system of the Velcro on your tabletop display boards. Remember your graphics are the most integral item of your tabletop exhibits. Your audience needs to focus on the literature and graphics of your event and not towards your tabletop display boards. Graphics must be concise, crisp, vibrant and clearly seen to convey information you want your audience to obtain from your table top exhibits. North Sculpture Displays has one of the most accurate printers in the trade show displays industry. And we are able to design, print, laminate and back with Velcro® Fasteners , all the literature and graphics that you need for your tabletop trade show displays. Table top exhibits for your next trade show or meeting can include every accessory needed for a successful presentation event! You know there isn't more durable, mechanically precise, light weight and aesthetically vibrant folding displays then the tabletop trade show displays we build every day of the week.

    North Sculpture Displays

    has the largest collection of table top displays in a huge variety of sizes and styles. Trade show table top displays give you the utmost portability while in most cases exhibited on a conference room table at waist height. Tabletop displays are efficient, small and lightweight display boards with Velcro® Fabric that are a perfect choice when looking for a simple, form following function, yet versatile trade show display for your next meeting or trade show. Used often at smaller meetings or business events, table top displays are the most frequently exhibited trade show displays. Tabletop display boards are most always purchased from stock exhibit companies, but now you can buy your table top display boards direct from the factory from North Sculpture Displays, manufactured to order perfectly in the exact size, in over 100 Velcro® loop fabric colors that you may need. You can order, tradeshow table top displays to your exact needs with a table skirt with your company logo imprinted along with detachable graphics that is printed and laminated and will Velcro to your tabletop trade show displays. There many different options to choose from and to consider when ordering your tabletop display boards. Select only what will enhance your message and that will make your trip easy and affordable. For instance a portfolio case will provide that your tabletop exhibits will be safely transported it to your meeting, convention or trade show and will make sure your investment will remain undamaged while being stored for your next event. Even though tabletop display boards are extremely durable, there is no reason to tempt fate to damage your table top display boards on the way to your show or while being stored. Most importantly when purchasing tabletop display boards consider that your table top displays meet your size and application requirements. Mostly keep remember that your graphics will effect your customers the most. Ordering North Sculpture tabletop displays offers you premium tabletop display boards with long lasting, light weight durability, affordability and mechanical precision that looks great!. Accessories for your tabletop exhibits include lights designed specifically for tabletop display boards. Table top display boards can also be ordered with header display panels, so you can Velcro on a your company's printed logo with Velcoins®. Lights, table skirts, Velcoins® and detachable graphics are also available. Table top exhibits listed on our website store are manufactured to highest quality standards in our Brooklyn, NY factory. You will have pride to order quality built table top display boards, constructed in America by American craftsmen. Our tabletop display boards design has continued to improve for more than a quarter century giving you tabletop displays with the best construction on the market today! Using 360 degree folding hinges gives your table top display boards it's mechanical precision that will almost never wear out. Table top exhibits also have an interior armature that protects the edges and corners from denting at the same time allowing your tabletop displays to be super light weight. North Sculpture Displays is the leading creator of tabletop displays in the world! We don't import from Asia where you don't have any idea what your display panels are made of. For your next successful presentation event, our table top exhibits will give you the required tools to entice your audience to your particular message. Our tabletop exhibits are powerful tabletop display boards, that are portable, convenient and convey the impact you are expecting! Every one of our table top exhibits is meticulously constructed, easy to carry, fast to set up and is engineered to out last all other table top displays, making your tradeshow table top displays the best on the planet!

    Table top trade show displays

    and floor standing displays. Our customers can select from many different sizes and colors, so that they can design table top display booths which will best serve their individual purposes. No matter what kind of product you might need, in terms of Table top display booths, we're extremely confident we can fulfill on your envisioned display. Like thetable tabletop displays which we construct for our marketing clients, our tabletop exhibit displays allow you the greatest ease of use. You can attach your visual aids or accessories to them with thumbtacks or Velcoins®. Because of this versatility, our portable tradeshow booths can be used in many different types of presentation scenarios. Our tradeshow display boards frequently appear in a wide range of venues. We take the highest quality of Velcro® brand loop fabric and industrially bond it to extremely lightweight foam board with an interior frame. As a result, our trade show display booths are made from only the lightest weight materials and most durable. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we'll do whatever it takes to ensure your complete fulfillment and happiness as a result of our larger working relationship. You can count on us to provide the absolute highest quality of workmanship and materials used, no matter what kind of order you wish to purchase. Peruse our inventory today, and contact us for more information or to design the display which will revolutionize your presentation experiences!